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 A message from Smartronix Co-Founder and Senior Executive Advisor John Parris, May 20, 2020:

 "As we are nearing eight weeks with the majority of Smartronix working remotely, we remain incredibly fortunate to have been minimally impacted thus far in our ability to support normal work requirements and the missions of our clients, while so many of our fellow citizens have been significantly impacted by the country's job losses.  Smartronix is very engaged in planning for return-to-work scenarios and is monitoring federal, state, and client guidance.  Our employee and family health is of primary importance as we determine appropriate return-to-work scenarios.  Our thoughts continue to do to all the familes who have suffered losses as well as the employees and businesses affected across the country and around the globe."



April 8, 2020 

The health and well-being of our clients, employees and their families has always been a top priority for Smartronix. During this time of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and its spread, Smartronix is taking measures to ensure the safety of our employees and the community.

Smartronix is operating a max temporary telework environment across all offices and contracts where we’re able to while still maintaining operations for our clients, many of whom operate mission critical systems for national security.

We are continuing to hire and onboard new employees in order to maintain our high levels of support to our clients. We have shifted our process to nearly completely virtual for all hiring actions unless there is a critical reason for us to meet in person. All interviews are being conducted over the phone or via Skype.

All new hire onboarding is taking place virtually as well. Smartronix already had an online onboarding process for all new hire documents and we are now working directly with our project teams to provide access to Smartronix systems and applications using a virtual desktop and providing new hire training completely online.

Our teams have pivoted and adapted quickly to this temporary operating status. We hope to continue to offer an excellent experience to all candidates and new hires.

As a company, our first priority is to stay healthy and minimize the spread of COVID-19. We remain committed to supporting the critical missions of our clients while maintaining the continuity of Smartronix business operations. We continue to support the communities in which we operate and are doing what we can to navigate through this difficult time. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this pandemic.

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