External Referral FAQ's


How does it work?

Smartronix Exernal Referral Bonus Program is a bonus payment made to an unaffiliated Smartronix fan for a successful referral to help us attract, retain and hire top talent. There is no cap. If you keep successfully referring great people then we will keep paying you!

The external referral (you):

  • Are an individual person (not a business) and a citizen of the United States and who is at least 18 years of age
  • Cannot be associated with a recruitment agency or consultancy
  • Cannot refer yourself
  • Cannot refer a candidate who has already applied to any position within the last 3 months

The candidate (your referral):

  • Cannot be a previous employee or contractor of Smartronix wihtin the last 3 months
  • Must not be a candidate that Smartronix is already actively recruiting
  • Must not be a candidate that has been in contact regarding employment opportunities at Smartronix within the last 3 months
  • The candidate will need to complete their 30 day probationary period in order for the referral to be considered successful
  • The referral can be for a contract, part-time or full-time position

How can I make a referral?

If you'd like to introduce us to someone great, please email the resume to ExternalReferralForHire@Smartronix.com.

Once you refer your candidate, please have him or her apply to the position through our Careers page, identifying your name as the source. Please no recruiters or solicitations.

How does payment work?

Smartronix will only issue payments for successful referrals. A successful referral requires the new team member to complete their 30 day probationary period.

Your referral will also need to verify during the resume submission, applicatoin and interview process that they were indeed referred by you in order for the referral to be considered valid.

In the case that two people refer the same candidate, the first person to make the referral to the ExternalReferralForHire@Smartronix.com email inbox at Smartronix will be eligible for payment. We will notify you if somebody else has already referred your candidate.

If Smartronix determines that you are eligible for the program, Smartronix will process the external referral payment once the probationay period is ended and the requried W-4 docusment is submitted. Once your candidate has been successfully hired, Smartronix will reach out to notify you the payment processing details inluding exact payout date. 

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